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Daniel Saba

Daniel Saba (he/him), MC, RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) is certified with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. Also featured on Psychology Today.

*Available for one-on-one sessions: video, phone, or in-person (Victoria, BC).

Specializing in:

  • Self-Expression Anxiety

  • Overwhelm & Stress
    & more (see below)

Daniel Saba

Offer yourself
permission to be.

Supporting You With:

  • self-expression and belonging

  • anxiety, shame & guilt

  • overwhelm and stress

  • loneliness and isolation

  • perfectionism and 'people-pleasing'

  • belonging and identity

  • LGBTQ+ & BIPOC experiences

  • trauma

  • depression

  • emotional blocks

  • & many other areas

Credentials & Training

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor, RCC #21837 — BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

  • Master of Counselling (M.C.)— Graduate Degree from City University of Seattle

  • Certified Solution-Focused Coach, The Art & Science of Coaching — Erickson Coaching International

  • Certificate: Foundations: 5 Day Narrative Therapy Practice Training (Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy)

  • Certificate: Indigenous Cultural Safety (Mental Health) — San’yas

  • Volunteer Counsellor - 10 Month Training — Citizens' Counselling Centre

  • Crisis Phone Line Responder Training — Distress Centres of Toronto


Who May Benefit?

Making room for all parts of you to show up.

Drawing from experience supporting a range of individuals, Daniel has heard time and time again: people often catch themselves showing up with others in a way that doesn't always match how they feel inside.Whether it’s withholding a meaningful part of yourself, or feeling isolated and resentful, being out of sync can be exhausting for anyone, like playing a role you didn’t sign up for.Sharing what's really inside can be hard due to fears of judgment, old childhood wounds, and perfectionism, among other reasons.

Identity isn't just what happens within us—it's also influenced by the relationships and context that surrounds each of us. Therapy can offer an exploration of both internal and external sources, deepening understanding and enabling more authentic interactions with others.With a focus on respect and responsiveness, Daniel accompanies those feeling (1) stressed & overwhelmed, or (2) anxious or stuck when it comes to relating with others.


Who is Daniel?

While this journey is about you, finding someone you can build trust with matters.

Clients have mentioned that Daniel is kind, honest, and grounded, offering a calm presence.Embracing empathy and responsibility—he creates a supportive environment where you can explore your thoughts and emotions while also being responsive to what arises.

Born in Canada, Daniel is grateful to live and work on the traditional lands of the beautiful, coastal, Lekwungen territory of the Songhees and Esquimalt peoples (also known as Victoria).

Daniel Saba, RCC

Enthusiastic about connection. Curious and mindful. With a multiracial background, and as part of the LGBTQ+ community, he has walked the path of 'not fitting in', wanting to feel understood. That journey moves him towards fostering connection while honouring the symphony of our identities.

He appreciates mindfulness, slowing down in nature, and travelling to discover other ways of being. Any further questions? Daniel is open to talk about whatever you need to feel comfortable.


How can this help?

A twofold process (and you may be craving the second piece):


Imagine a locked door that leads inwards, somewhere within you. Closed tightly, it causes you to feel stuck. You've been unable (or unwilling) to open it, until now. Counselling offers someone you can trust to be alongside you as you begin to face the unknown on the other side.Shameful? Guilty? Hopeless? You'll be respected and supported. Many people grow up in environments that didn't make room for open, vulnerable communication (...and consequently learn to hold it all in). Therapy can offer a new experience of going inward, together—and this time, really honouring what's there.

Daniel Saba


Together, you'll meet whatever awaits on the other side, always with care. But many people often also crave honest, direct feedback. Once a sense of trust is formed, Daniel will help shine a light in on those protective parts and defenses that have been hurting. By offering insights, inquiring about emotions, and highlighting patterns, he helps you explore dark corners without pushing past them (consent!). This is where release and growth often happen.Facing those uncomfortable parts within yourself isn't easy, but here, there's a chance to do so while learning alongside someone who has likely seen it before time and time again. After all, these traits make us human.

Daniel Saba


What to expect...

Five principles you can count on.

  1. Open-Hearted Inquiry
    Curiosity and compassion; a non-judgmental space to express yourself.

  2. Empathic Responsiveness
    Authentic, present-moment feedback to gently explore your edges.

  3. Honouring Equity
    Weaving in your unique culture, worldview, and lived experience.

  4. Respectful Discretion
    Honouring confidentiality; abiding by ethical industry standards.

  5. Attuned Collaboration
    Aligning support with your unique needs to move you towards your goals.

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Please note that due to varying provincial licensing, Daniel can only support individuals living in Canada in: BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut.

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Daniel Saba

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Grateful to run and practice on the Lekwungen territory of the Songhees and Esquimalt peoples (Victoria, BC).

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